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Why Hire a Hunting or Fishing Guide?

| Fishing, Hunting | March 24, 2014

Wisconsin Find A Guide fishing Hunting GuidesWisconsin Professional Fishing and Hunting Guides

Why hire a Hunting or Fishing Guide?

Heading to Wisconsin for your annual hunting or fishing trip, family vacation, entertaining that special client or putting on a corporate event? You’ll want to increase your chances of getting that trophy, take home some memories and great photos, and a professional guides can help increase those chances.

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Wisconsin Fishing Report Mar. 21

| Fishing | March 21, 2014

wisconsin fishing report

Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – March 21st, 2014

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Wisconsin Fishing in Spring Effected by Harsh Winter?

| Fishing | March 18, 2014

Wisconsin FInd a Fishing Guide Spring Season MuskyIs Wisconsin’s Spring fishing in danger of being effected by the lingering effects of this year’s harsh Winter?

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DNR Hunting Land for Sale

| Hunting | March 12, 2014


Wisconsin DNR to put up hunting land for sale.

Madison — Get ready to see “For Sale” signs appear on up to 10,000 acres of state lands.

As of last week, the Wisconsin DNR had developed a list of 33 parcels of land totaling about 2,552 acres that are now under review for possible sale. This is in response to a new state law that requires the Natural Resources Board (NRB) to make 10,000 acres of state land available for sale by June 2017. The 33 parcels identified so far are located in 23 counties.

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Late Ice Panfishing

| Fishing | March 12, 2014

Wisconsin FInd a Fishing Guide Ice FishingYour own guide to finding late ice panfish in Wisconsin

Regular ice anglers already are noticing an important rite of late winter: Sunfish are moving into shallower locations. They’re anticipating spring food sources coming shallow. A number of things trigger this movement. Melting ice delivers food and more oxygen to the shallows. Photoperiodism is another key. The angle of the sun is their calendar!

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Late Ice Northern Pike Fishing

| Fishing | March 12, 2014


Ice Fishing northern pike

Your easy guide to catching late ice Northern Pike in Wisconsin.

Pike season will be wrapping up on some inland waters soon, but the season remains open on border waters in many areas. Where are pike now? Smaller ones are relating to shallower locations and green weeds. Bigger pike swim in deeper water and deep outside weed edges. Other good locations may not have vegetation, such as rock areas, and sunken islands. And don’t be afraid to work it deep: 30 feet is not too deep for these big fish.

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